Silver or Gold Chain Necklaces & Bracelets from Sence Copenhagen

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Silver or Gold Chain Necklaces & Bracelets from Sence Copenhagen


We have a couple of chains - available in either long necklaces or bracelets - in worn gold or worn silver which you can adorn to your heart's desire with the various beautiful charms from Sence. These chains are gorgeous on their own - but add a charm for individuality or to tie them in with a special outfit or colour scheme. The charms all have really great little hinged clasps, making them so easy to move around from necklace to bracelet etc - they also look great clipped on the side of the more open chain when worn as a necklace, rather than hanging from the bottom - a little bit quirky! 


Material: Brass base with gold or silver plating


Open Chain (like little oval shaped paperclips strung together) in either worn gold or worn silver:

Necklace - 90cm - £46
Bracelet -  21cm - £32

Bobble Chain (little bobble beads) in either worn gold or worn silver:

Necklace - 90cm - £39
Double Bracelet - 19.5cm - £32


Each piece is fastened with a beautiful "toggle clasp"  and has a little circular tag with the crown logo.

(Comes with stylish organza bag, tissue paper and glossy mini carrier bag with ribbon handles)

Go to Sence Charms to see what you can add to the chains to make them even more special...


We are delighted to bring to you a really individual collection of jewellery from a young and rising Scandinavian designer brand - SENCE Copenhagen. A range of truly beautiful pieces. The company's aim is to allow women the freedom (through their selection of beautiful, unique and affordable items) to play with the jewellery in a way that underlines their personal style - mixing and matching the items in their own individual way. The range is designed by young and upcoming Scandinavian designers with a passion to combine fashion and jewellery. Strongly influenced by the trends, moods and colours of the fashion season, beautifully complimenting current ready-to-wear fashion ranges. In this collection you will surely find the bracelet or necklace that is just right for your next girls' night out, matching your new autumn outfit or reviving your favourite dress.  

Each piece is of the highest quality and made using natural materials and semi-precious stones wherever possible - matching the carefully chosen semi-precious stones with the colours of the season. The base material of all metal components is brass which is then coated in silver or gold, then put together with a variety of semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. To see all items from this designer, simply type "Sence Copenhagen" into the search bar at the top of the page. 


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