Perfectly Drinkable Tap Water Glass Bottle with Flip Top

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Perfectly Drinkable Tap Water Bottle


"Perfectly Drinkable Tap Water" Glass Bottle with Flip Top

Why spend money on bottled water and add to the mountains of plastic waste, when tap water is just as good!  This useful and re-usable glass bottle is simple in form, with a touch of humour!

Crafted from glass with a secure ceramic flip stopper, the bottle can be filled to the brim with fresh water and either left to chill in the fridge until needed or placed straight on the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

The water bottle is also perfect for use in bars, restaurants and hotels, adding a stylish design element to the table. It will make a statement and is the perfect contemporary and eco-friendly way to display and serve fresh water. 

Size: H 32.5 x Diameter 8.5 cm (holds 1 litre)


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