large mossed terracotta pot outdoor candle

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Outdoor Candle in Aged Terracotta Pot - Three Sizes


Outdoor Candle in Aged Terracotta Pot - Three Sizes

Matching our ever-popular mossed whitestone pots, these lovely rustic and aged terracotta pots are filled with a white outdoor candle.  Just perfect for any alfresco event. When the candle has finished it can replaced with another outdoor candle or used as a flowerpot.

They will look like they have been in the garden for years and will provide beautiful candlelight even in windy conditions due to the large outdoor wick. 

Available in three sizes :-

Small - Ø15 x H9 cm (burn time approximately 27 hours)
Medium - Ø20 x H12 cm (burn time approximately 60 hours)
Large - Ø25 x H14 cm (burn time approximately 72 hours)

Please note - these candles are for outdoor use only,  should not be left in direct sunlight and may crack if left outside when the temperature is below 0° C.

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