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Olive Wood Salad Servers - Two Styles


Olive Wood Salad Servers - Two Styles

These attractive salad servers have been hand carved from Tunisian olive wood (the most symbolic trees of the Mediterranean, representing purity and wisdom).

Olive trees often live a fertile life of over a hundred years. With great respect for nature and the environment, the aged olive trees are carefully laid to dry in workshops and then the wood is carefully hand-crafted into items that follow the organic contours of the wood, enhancing the natural veins. 

Industrialisation meant the future of the fertile olive groves was put into danger. These items are produced under a preservation program launched by the Tunisian government whereby every olive tree that is cut, a new one is planted. In this way, no harm is done to the amazing heritage of the Tunisian olive groves.

Handmade, every piece is unique and everything is made in small batches.

Care: Olive wood is robust. A rinse of warm water is all they need. No dishwasher or detergent. A gentle rub of olive oil feeds the wood and enriches its lively markings, allowing this special product to be enjoyed for many years.
The finish is smooth and the natural grain of the wood really shines through.

Two styles available - traditional 28cm long servers or short scoop-type servers.

Size: 28cm (tradtional) or 19cm (scoop)

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