Mini Tapered Candle Bundle

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Mini Tapered Candle Bundle


Mini Tapered Candle Bundle

Broste Copenhagen have been producing top quality candles for over 50 years. Made with the purest raw materials, all their candles comply with the highest quality and safety standards and have a superior burn quality, maintaining their shape with minimal dripping or smoking.  

These really cute little tapered candles are handmade and solid coloured with a rustic texture. Great for that spontaneous bit of candlelight - stick them in a pot of sand or decorative gravel in the garden on a summer's evening, or maybe in some oasis amongst a flower arrangement or use with one of our candle holders for mini tapered candles.

Sold in a bundle of 10 candles.  A lovely gift idea.

Size (each candle): Ø12mm H210 mm      
Burn time (each candle): 2.5 hours

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