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Metal Clip On Candle Holder


Metal Clip On Candle Holder

These cute little candle holders are sold (and actually used) in Denmark for lighting their Christmas trees... everyone has a bucket of water strategically placed... just in case! I hasten to add, they only light the candles when everyone is sat around the tree (usually on Christmas Eve, and they are watched at all times).

Everyone loves them and they can be clipped anywhere, not just on the branches of a tree. They look good clipped onto a shelf for example.  They have antiqued black finish.

The actual candle-holder on the larger size is also attached to the clip on a swivel type fixing so that the candle can be straightened in case the holder is clipped on at a slight angle.

The small size takes the thin taper candles (approx 1.2cm diameter) and the large size takes regular dinner candles (although we recommend the shorter type - such as our mini dinner candles).

Small - Length 7.5cm
Large - Length 

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