Luxurious 100% Scandinavian Wool Throw - Large, 140x240cm


Luxurious 100% Scandinavian Wool Throw - Large, 140x240cm

We first spotted these wonderful blankets/throws whilst on holiday in a beautiful apartment in North Cornwall - we fell in love with them and simply had to source them for our customers. They are perfect to throw over the back of the sofa, on the bed, on the back of outside dining chairs ready to pull over you on a chilly evening and they also make wonderfully luxurious picnic blankets! These throws are all in very subtle and neutral grey or beige with cream combinations so they will slot seamlessly into most surroundings.... WE LOVE THEM.

They are made from 100% Scandinavian Wool by Silkeborg Uldspinderi of Denmark. This family-owned business has long been known as the exclusive manufacturer of high quality, unique throws made from all natural Scandinavian wool, totally free from dyes and chemicals. The black and grey wools are exclusive to the famed Gotland sheep of Sweden, the white wools come from sheep from the fjords of Norway. Silkeborg’s speciality is in the painstaking hand sorting of wools by colour – almost a lost art. Their skilled craftspeople then spin the sorted natural wools into strong, pliable yarns. This makes plaid designs possible without the use of dyes or chemicals.

Size: 140x240 cm (with the exception of 215 & 216 - plain grey throws - both 130x200cm).  To give you an idea of size, a standard UK double bed is 135x190cm.

Some styles also available in Knee Blanket size 85x130cm and Extra Large 220x260cm (suitable for king or superking bed).

Why not add one of the great leather carry-straps to your order? Great for storage, or making it easy to carry with you, just roll up the blanket and buckle on the strap... no more struggling with a blanket that keeps dragging on the ground whilst trying to carry all the other paraphernalia that always seems to be associated with a picnic! Makes a simply stunning gift.

Benefits of wool:
Naturally moisture absorbent, wool wicks water vapour creating its own micro-climate and breathability.
Wool does not harbour dust and dust mites.
Wool is the world’s oldest renewable and sustainable resource.
Wool is hypo-allergenic, dirt resistant, and reduces noise.
Wool is inherently flame retardant/does not generate toxic gas.
Sleeping under wool increases the amount of REM sleep, promoting a more restful/satisfying sleep.

Care: Wool is easier to take care of than you may think. Unless you actually get it soiled and dirty, it stays clean on its own! It doesn’t absorb smells and is naturally water repellent. You can spot clean by rinsing the area in lukewarm water. When necessary, it is possible to wash these blankets on a delicate wool cycle with a special wool detergent but we would recommend dry cleaning. 


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