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Cylindrical Glass Vase or Hurricane - Six Sizes


Cylindrical Glass Vase or Hurricane - Five Sizes

Simple and stylish, large cylindrical vase or hurricane available in six sizes. 

Use with flowers for a stunning display, or as a hurricane lamp with pillar candles or our little floating candles.

For real impact, fill with water and float one of our round multi-wick candles... beautiful! 

A size and shape for everything...

These vases are all heavy, quality glass (particularly the 25x25cm and 25x33cm). 

Sizes (diameter x height):-  

20 x 8 cm
20 x 30 cm
25 x 25 cm
25 x 33 cm
30 x 8 cm
30 x 20 cm

NB - if you are using one of our multi-wick candles in any of these hurricanes we suggest you place something underneath the candle in the bottom of the vase (candle gravel, sand, etc) or float the candle in water. This will raise the candle higher in the vase to avoid it getting too hot and melting too fast and also provide a flat base as sometimes the bottom is not completely flat.

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