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Large Natural Stone Pebble Tealight Holder


Large Natural Stone Pebble Tealight Holders

Real stone tealight or candle holder. Very large, natural stone pebble (well, small boulder or large cobble really!), with a drilled hole for taking a tealight or candle. Great for inside use, perhaps in a bathroom to add a little ambient lighting, or along a mantel or windowsill.  Perfect outside in the summer, down the centre of the alfresco dining table or along paths, walls or even sitting inside large plant pots. 

Each large cobblestone is unique and will vary slightly in size and shape, but every one has a flat base and the same size hole drilled in the centre for your tealight, candle, or even a small plant pot. Great with our clear-cup tealights as no ugly metal bits to spoil the effect

Sold individually

Size and shape will vary, but approximately 15-20cm diameter x 13cm height

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