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Indian Papier Mache Grain Container


Indian Grain Container

These amazing grain containers originate from Rajasthan. Their wonderful patina tells a lot about their history - their everyday use as utilitarian vessels.  They look exactly like clay pots but in fact are made of papier maché, a popular material in this region because it is lightweight but strong.

Each one is unique and they are all old (but unfortunately we are not able to date them - like many utilitarian antiques from India).

They make wonderful stand-alone decorative pieces and great fruit bowls.  Obviously, due to the fact they are made of paper, they should be kept dry and well away from any liquid or they will expand and are likely to break apart!

We absolutely love these and only have a few available - don't wait too long if you want to order as we may not be able to get more for some time...

Medium A - Dia 34 x H 15 cm
Medium B - Dia 35 x H 18 cm
Large A - Dia 40 x H 20 cm
Large B - Dia 42 x H 19 cm

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