faux fur hot water bottle

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Gorgeous Children's Hot Water Bottle (various fur options)


Gorgeous Children's Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle by Helen Moore 

The perfect gift to keep your little treasures warm and cosy this winter (also a great comforter when they're feeling under the weather - great to hold against a poorly tummy or other aches and pains). These beautiful, irresistibly soft and oh so cute little hot water bottles from Helen Moore are absolutely fab and each one has a sweet little (removable) animal poking from the pocket.  Made in England using the most luxurious of fabric, these beautiful faux fur covers have concealed zips to enable easy filling and removal for washing. What child wouldn't want to snuggle up with one of these on a freezing cold winter's night? The bottle inside is top quality too - made in Germany by Fashy from non-perishable thermoplastic to the highest European standards. No "cheap" version here - the crème de la crème of hot water bottles!

Size: 28cm x 17cm

Machine washable at 40 degrees - cool tumble dry. Brush to restore sleekness with a fine wire brush. Brush regularly to maintain the soft and glossy look.

Colours: Arctic with Panda or Latte with Giraffe

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of statement pieces from Helen Moore's home accessory range as well as her fabulous fashion collection. All are designed and hand-made in the UK (Devon). Every item is of the highest quality, made with only the most sumptuous and soft faux furs. Everything is cut by hand and every seam is brushed out by a dedicated finishing team so that each join is practically invisible. We hope you will love every item as much as we do - we just have no idea how you will make a choice as everything is is so gorgeous..... perhaps one of each is the answer!

If you want to see all items available from Helen Moore simply go to the Helen Moore section under "Gifts for You & Yours".

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