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Glass Hurricane with Stone Base - 4 sizes


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Glass Hurricane with Stone Base - 4 sizes

A gorgeous glass hurricane lantern with a distressed "stone-effect" base. Fab either side of the mantelpiece, either end of the dining table (or a large one in the middle) and simply perfect for outdoor dining as the candle is protected from any wind! Our pillar candles are a perfect match for these hurricanes. 

You should be aware that the bottom of the glass hurricane is often a little "domed" and not completely flat, therefore you will need to use some decorative sand, gravel, moss etc to keep the candle stable (also helps to soak up any dripping wax).

Available in four sizes (height x diameter of rim of hurricane x square base). We have also suggested pillar candle sizes to help you choose the best candle to fit your chosen size of hurricane - in brackets after the dimensions.

Mini - 19x11x8cm  (Tiny or Small Votive or Clear-Cup Tealight)

Small - 35x17x12.5cm  (7x10 or 7x15cm pillar candle)

Medium - 43x23x16cm  (10x13cm pillar candle)

Large - 50x26.5x19cm  (10 x 27cm Pillar Candle)

NB - not weather-proof so please do not leave outside in rain or freezing weather. You should also be aware that the glass on these hurricanes is never absolutely "perfect" - it always contains the odd tiny air bubble or slight imperfection that we feel does not detract from their overall style and impact (totally crystal clear glass would come with a much higher price tag!).They have a rustic "aged" appearance and the slight imperfections in the glass, in our opinion, are completely acceptable and we have sold many to happy customers. However, if you are in any doubt, please try and view them at our shop rather than buying on-line.


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