Felt Llama Head with Bridle

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Felt Llama Head with Bridle


Felt Llama Head with Bridle by Fiona Walker England

We have a new friend for all of the adventurous explorers out there. Our Llama head has a colourful bridle and is ready to go wherever the journey takes him. 

These fun felt animal heads from the Fiona Walker England collection (born from the Scandi Chic range) are all made in Jaipur, India, ethically produced using traditional hand-crafting methods. The hand-crafted technique gives each piece its own unique character. Great for children's bedrooms or the nursery, but many grown ups love them elsewhere in the house too!

Easy to hang from a simple loop sewn into the back of the head - all you will need is a nail or screw to hang it on... et voila!  (See other felt animal heads available by typing Fiona Walker into search bar at top of page.)

Size:  H37 x W17 x D22 cm (approx)


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