Faux Meadow Flower Collection


Faux Meadow Flower Collection

Just arrived - these stunning faux meadow flower stems are so beautiful and realistic.  Use them as single stems in a vessel of your choice (each one being a mini bouquet in its own right), but bunch a few together and you have an amazing, wild and whimsical display.  

Each stem is truly flexible and can be splayed out to fill your space.  They can also be cut down (with wirecutters please, not scissors or secateurs) and used to fill smaller vases or little bud vases... the opportunities are endless.

If you want to go the whole hog... the vases and pots used here are filled using one of each stem, plus one of each of the two larger bouquets. If you would like to purchase the complete set as per these displays then we have offered this with a little discount - select "Greige Arrangement" from the drop-down menu.

Happy browsing... we guarantee you will find it hard to decide!

Each stem length is approximately 50cm.

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