handmade and hand-painted ceramic duck jug pitcher Bordallo Pinheiro Portugal

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Douglas Duck Jug - Bordallo Pinheiro


Bordallo Pinheiro Douglas Duck Jug Pitcher

This fine ceramic, handmade and hand-painted Duck Jug by Bordallo Pinheiro will certainly make a stand-out addition to your tableware collection.  This unique and quirky piece is sure to take centre stage and is just perfect for serving up drinks when dining outside, or for serving your water during dinner.  We just love Douglas!

Bordallo Pinheiro was a famous cartoonist, humourist, illustrator and social and political commentator of his day. Bordallo Pinheiro is an established name when it comes to the best artistic ceramics of Portugal. In 1884 he started his ceramic production and managed to come up with designs that were never seen before. He encountered immediate success and since then his art settled itself as an example of the 19th century. The factory in Portugal continues to this day and is dedicated to bringing Bordallo's inspiration and design flair to a new, modern audience.  Every pitcher is made with the greatest care, revealing great technical, artistic and creative quality. Each contour of the clay is followed by the brush of the skilled artisan, adding, colour by colour, more liveliness to the happy duck. Imagine Morris decorating your dining table: an instant, animating topic to start off a great evening!

Size: H33 x D17.5 x W15.5 cm 
Capacity: 1.5L

Care: We recommend handwashing this item. 

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