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Decorative Gravel, Stone, Sand


Decorative Gravel / Stone / Sand
Enhance any candle-holder or hurricane lamp with this decorative candle gravel or sand. Sprinkle a layer in the base of a hurricane to ensure the candle is held safely in place (particularly useful if the base of the lamp is not flat - which is so often the case!). Alternatively fill a candle tray (such as one of our zinc trays) with some pillar candles and sprinkle a little of the gravel or sand around the base of the candles to add a little extra interest. The sand has lovely sparkly silver pieces in it - subtle and not too glittery - adding a little extra "twinkle" factor to your candlelight! All look great with any colour in our pillar candle range.

Colours: Linen, Dove Grey or Off-White Gravel; Linen Sand; Dove Grey Stone

Gravel £5; Sand £6; Stones £5.50

Size: 6.5x16cm bottle (gravel & sand); 6.5x17.3cm tub (stone)

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