Bordallo Pinheiro Portuguese Cabbage Bowls


Bordallo Pinheiro Portuguese Cabbage Bowls

With the beautifully glazed finish, detailed and textured surface, this truly eye-catching range is sure to be the talking point around your table.

The original cabbage kitchenware range was designed by renowned Portuguese artist, Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro. The cabbage, a symbol of rural life, appears in every kitchen garden across Portugal and is found everywhere in the form of Caldo Verde (cabbage soup) - a national dish in Portugal.  Bordallo Pinheiro was a famous cartoonist, humourist, illustrator and social and political commentator of his day. In 1885 he founded a ceramic factory where he created many pottery designs such as the famous cabbage tableware. The factory is still in business today, and the cabbage leaf dishes are still being cast in traditional moulds and glazed by the hands of craftsmen . 

Instead of the traditional green, we are delighted to have found unique variations of the traditional line in these beautiful contemporary colours - white (a slightly off-white), soft beige and earthy brown - mix and match for a great casual look. Designed in close collaboration with Bordallo’s workshop and hand-made in Portugal in the same way by traditional craftsmen.

The tableware is safe in both the microwave and the dishwasher and therefore suitable for regular use (not just for best!). Everything you rustle up in the kitchen, from a simple salad to more elaborate dishes, will look simply fantastic served in these imaginative dishes!

Handmade in Portugal.

Available in the following colours: White; Beige; Brown (plus Green in Large and Extra Large only)

Sizes (diameter x height):-
Tiny Salt Bowl (9x7x3.5cm)
Mini Dip/Nibble Bowl (12x7cm)
Small Side Salad/Cereal/Soup Bowl (17x6cm)
Medium Salad/Serving Bowl (23x6.5cm)
Large Salad/Serving Bowl (29x8.5cm)
Extra Large Salad/Serving Bowl (dia 40cm)

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