Matt Black Earthenware Vase with Holes in top

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Black Earthenware Vase


Black Earthenware Vase

No need for a fancy, expensive bouquet when you have this fabulous vase to display your flowers.  This rather alternative vase comes with holes in the top for individual flowers to be spontaneously and quickly placed, but with just enough titivating to make them stand up in the most perfect but beautifully haphazard way!  You really need very few flowers to make a striking display as the vase will bring out the best in the most simple of stems.

The dark matt base colour and rugged finish are the result of a glaze that leaves tiny. irregular dots on the surface, creating the stunning textured effect .  With or without flowers, it will demand attention and be a striking element in your décor.

Please note - due to the nature of the glaze the finish of this product may vary.

Dimensions: H 19 cm x Dia 16 cm

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