Artisan Canvas Apron - Two Styles - Greige - Home & Garden - Chiswick, London W4

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Artisan Canvas Apron - Two Styles


Artisan Canvas Aprons - Two Styles

Really stylish Artisan aprons, handmade from recycled canvas tents, with strong and hard-wearing leather ties.

Great rustic aprons for everyone - waiters/waitresses, cooks, washer-uppers, BBQ chefs, carpenters, DIYers - you name it, these are the perfect workwear solution!

Each apron is dip and boiler dyed in an indigo blue which fades and ages over time enhancing the rustic look of the piece. 


Care: machine wash separately at 30 Degrees.

Colour:  Indigo Blue & Brown Leather

Waiter Apron (no bib) 48 x 65cm
Apron with Bib 70 x 65cm

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