Vintage Jelly Mould Candles - Half or One Pint

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Vintage Jelly Mould Candles - Half or One Pint


Vintage Jelly Mould Candles

A unique and unusual vintage gift - scented soya wax-filled vintage jelly moulds (some glass, some aluminium) in one pint or half pint sizes. Can be washed out once candle is finished and re-used. Soya wax has been used to fill these lovely vintage containers as it burns much cleaner and slower than parafin-based wax. They all smell absolutely divine... the fragrance is very subtle but fills the room.

Size/Fragrance/Burn Time:

One Pint Oval Fluted Aluminium, 80-100 hours
Freshly Cut Roses

One Pint Oval Fluted Glass, 80-100 hours
Grapefruit & Mango
Key Lime Pie
Geranium & Orange
Lavender & Sage

Half Pint Round Fluted Aluminium, 40-60 hours
Lime Cooler

Half Pint Oval Fluted Glass, 40-60 hours
Lavender & Sage
Key Lime Pie

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