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Glass Milk Bottles Jugs


"Milk Bottles Jug" - 6 Sizes - Tiny to Large

This range of wonderfully useful little bottles and jugs is just so popular... Every size and shape has a multitude of uses and everyone has their own ideas of how they will use them - be it for milk, cream, water, flowers. What will you do with yours?

Sizes (in cm):

Tiny Milk Bottle Jug - 5.5 (d) x 10 (h)
Mini Milk Bottle Jug -  5.5 (d) x 15.5 (h)
Jug A - 8 (d) x 13 (h)
Jug B - 12 (d) x 18 (h)
Jug C - 9.5 (d) x 22 (h)
Jug D - 13 (d) x23 (h)

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