Ester & Erik Cone Candle Flax

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Hand-dipped Tall Cone Candles from Ester & Erik, Denmark


Hand-dipped Tall Cone Candles from Ester & Erik, Denmark 

We are absolutely delighted to be able to share with you these wonderful cone candles from Denmark. These elegant, handmade designer cone candles are available in three sizes (see below). They are free-standing and self-extinguishing so they do not require a holder - they can simply be stood on any flat surface (having said this, you may wish to use a candle tray or plate of some description as a precaution because, although these candles are theoretically non-drip, they can occasionally drip if placed in a draught).

Ester & Erik candles are centred on the traditional dipping technique. Every single cotton candle wick is dipped into hot paraffin wax of the very finest quality - the process repeated until a beautiful candle has been created. As a finishing touch, the candles are hand-coloured.

This traditional dipping technique and the unique quality of materials used, ensures splendid well-shaped candles which burn with a pure and steady flame – burning slowing and elegantly and then self-extinguishing. A pure candle that will release neither smell nor soot and without wax running down its side. 


Regular - 22.5 x 4.2cm - Burn Time 13 hours
Tall - 34 x 4.4cm - Burn Time 25 hours
Extra Tall - 48 x 5.3cm - Burn Time 55 hours

*New for Christmas - Gold, Silver & White*
Flax (Ester & Erik Colour #22)
Light Grey (Ester & Erik Colour #71)
Dark Grey (Ester & Erik Colour #74)
Black (Ester & Erik Colour #75)
White (Ester & Erik Colour #31)
Gold (Ester & Erik Colour #90)
Silver (Ester & Erik Colour #92)
Soft Pink (Ester & Erik Colour #38)

Caring for your candlesTo obtain the very best from your Ester & Erik candles, the following rules should be observed:-

  • Ester & Erik's candles will not drip unless exposed to draughts or intense heat. Lit candles should therefore never be placed near radiators or air conditioning systems. 
  • Always keep lit candles at least 10 cm apart. 
  • Avoid touching the edge of the candle while it is lit as this may create imbalance and cause the candle to drip. 
  • The length of visible wick should be approximately one centimetre. This will ensure maximum burning time and prevent smoke and soot formation. 
  • Never leave lit candles unattended.

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