Classic French String Market Bag - Regular Size


Classic French Net Shopping Bag - Regular Size

These wonderful bags, a classic French design originally made for fisherman, were later adopted for mainstream use as featherweight, flexible totes for everything from groceries to laundry and have been used in France for decades.

Woven by Normandy-based Filt, a small company that has been making nets, ropes and candle wicks in the town of Caen since 1855.  

Made from natural cotton, they are robust yet extremely soft and amazingly expandable. They stow away easily for travel and are comfortable to carry even when filled to the brim!

They never seem to stop expanding and can take an enormous amount of whatever you need to carry or store, yet they scrunch up really small when not in use and are so light you can pop them into your pocket or handbag and not know they are there.

Available in four sizes - Mini; Regular (either short or long-handled) and Extra Large

This regular size is perfect for everyday shopping, a trip to the beach or farmers' market.  Perfect for storage too and they are particularly useful on boats or camping/glamping trips.

Approx Size (un-stretched, including handles):
W 40 x L 53 cm (short handled)
W 40 x L 70 cm (long handled)

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